An Educator, An Environmentalist And An Entrepreneur, But A Leadership Coach By Passion...

From Main Street to Wall Street, from start-ups to fortune 500 companies, Mr. Hakim has over 30 years of international experience at the highest levels of management spread across many industries ranging from Insurance & Investments to Banking & Finance, from Healthcare & Engineering to Education & Training.

He is currently the Managing Director and CEO of Engineering Resources International (ERI) Ltd. He is also the Founder and Head Coach of Centre for Leadership (C4L) where he works as a leadership consultant and a change agent. He also serves on the boards of several organizations and is active in many others, including business chambers and trade organisations. He currently serves as the President of Bangladesh Philippines Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BPCCI).

Over the last two decades, he has spoken extensively on the subjects of Success and Leadership across the globe and has trained thousands. A prolific speaker and a sought-after mentor, he is also a thought leader who has made it his mission to change the way the world thinks by changing the way a person thinks, one person at a time.